01. Name, place
Studiostrip / KOSMOPLOVCI, Belgrade, Serbia

02. When did you start?
23.09.01 at midnight

03. Organization, formal shape
A group of authors, web publishing, a series of printed editions, independent self-published editions, exhibitions, festival organising, a school and a workshop

04. What kind of production? How much?
All physical states of matter

05. Financing patchwork
Don’t know, doesn’t matter, no rules, no finances, didn’t think about it, not sure

06. Where do you print?
Where they call us

07. Distribution
Original barter of goods

08. Alliances
Many allies

09. Artist stab
All Kosmoplovci and friends of cosmos

10. Infrastructure
Relatively controlled chaos

11. Bread jobs
Don’t believe anyone wants to know this

12. Motivation