01. Name, place
Šlic comic book workshop, Belgrade

02. When did you start?
Šlic comic book section consists of authors and authoresses who are alternative nad experimantal comic book artists and illustrators, write short stories, and make trash and animated movies since 2000.

03. Organization, formal shape
Apart from their creative work, the comic book section selects works and publishes various publications, among which the most important is the comic book magazine

04. What kind of production? How much?
“Šlic (http://shlitzcomics.blogspot.com/p/izdanja.html), authorial collective comic book fanzines, thematic editions.
The comic book magazine Šlic is conceived as a publication for publishing works both of young and unrecognised authors and authoresses, to whom it provides a platform and motivation for working on comic books, and of recognised ones.

05. Financing patchwork
The printing of Šlic publications is financed through donations and personal investment.

06. Where do you print?
We print at the printers we can afford at the moment, we don’t have our guy

07. Distribution
Through bookstores, clubs, music stores, the internet, friends...

08. Alliances
Čaj...odličan!, Elektrika, Pleme stripopata, Aždaha, ...
Almost every author/authoress from Serbia, from the region, Italy, France...

09. Artist stab
Workshops, library, copying, tea parties, Šumatovačka - Centar za umetničko stvaralaštvo i obrazovanje

10. Infrastructure

11. Bread jobs
All sorts of things

12. Motivation
‘‘For a start, take a comic book and if you happen to lick the covers, even slightly, and they taste sweet, you’re on the right track’’. (Maja Markovic)