01. Name, place
Rende, Belgrade

02. When did you start?
Since 2000

03. Organization, formal shape
Rende is a Limited Liability Company

04. What kind of production? How much?
Rende is a book publisher. On the average, it publishes from 10 to 15 titles a year, not counting the reprints. The lowest print run is 500 copies, and the average is 1000 copies

05. Financing patchwork
Self-financing, which means what you sell is what you get

06. Where do you print?
At the Caligraph, Belgrade

07. Distribution
We have our own distribution network

08. Alliances
Postciriptum Zagreb, Fraktura Zagreb, KC Grad, Aleksandar Zograf etc

09. Artist stab
There's really a lot of them, best to check out our website

10. Infrastructure
Rende falls into the small enterprises category

11. Bread jobs
I'm the editor and the executive, so my day job revolves around these two functions

12. Motivation
Sometimes I think I've lost the positive motivation and that, at the moment, my drive is spite