01. Name, place
Metaklinika, Petrogradska 1, Belgrade.

02. When did you start?
Almost 6 years of sweet dreaming

03. Organization, formal shape
Design studio

04. What kind of production? How much?
Book BY FORCE, B5 format, 192 pages (print run: 1000)
Book UNTIL THE END, B5 format,192 pages (print run: 1000)
Fanzine SEED OF THE NATION, B5 format, 16 pages (print run: 800)
Fanzine NATION:DOWNFALL, B5 format, 16 pages ( print run: 600 )
Graphic SIDE EFFECTS, 70x100cm, 10 graphic (print run: 100 )

05. Financing patchwork
Self-financed, what we earn working at the free market

06. Where do you print?
Offset printing:
Alta Nova, Zemun, Serbia
F&F, Novi Sad, Serbia

07. Distribution
We sell or give out directly, at events and by mail

08. Alliances
Turbo Comix, Kosmoplovci, Studiostrip, SilkSkrin, Nova iskra...

09. Artist stab
All the people we know, and occasional someone we don’t know

10. Infrastructure
100 square meters baby, the very centre of Belgrade ( not Pančevo or Zemun Polje )

11. Bread jobs
We charge everything, since we have to pay for everything, sooner or later

12. Motivation
Money and fame, not drugs and obscurity!