Greed graphics
01. Name, place
Greed Graphics, Subotica

02. When did you start?

03. Organization, formal shape
Conceived as an informal group, it operates as an independent workshop at the moment

04. What kind of production? How much?
Silkscreen-printing, unlimited quantity

05. Financing patchwork
Self-financing, donations, printing services

06. Where do you print?
Printing shop in the garage

07. Distribution
Fijuk, Novo Doba, direct distribution at various events

08. Alliances
All the people of good will

09. Artist stab
Miroslav Lazendić, Damir Pavić – Septic

10. Infrastructure
A house in the woods

11. Bread jobs
For hand-to-mouth living. Occasional freelance jobs (graphic design, wall decorating, picking apples etc.)

12. Motivation
To make the world a better place, just kidding, I just love doing the thing I love doing