Besna kobila
01. Name, place
Besna kobila, Zemun, Serbia

02. When did you start?
Officially since 2010, the idea of its founding goes far back in the past

03. Organization, formal shape
A Limited Liability Company; two founders

04. What kind of production? How much?
Mostly translations of foreign graphic novels. We don’t care about commercial editions, we publish only what is to our mutual taste and what is financially viable. Up to now, one title a year, aiming at 2-3 a year, of which at least one would be an edition by a native author.

05. Financing patchwork
Daily repeating of the mantra: take care of the pennies and the pounds will take care of themselves

06. Where do you print?
Only in the Offset Print printing shop in Novi Sad

07. Distribution
Through distributors, all small and large bookstores. Direct cooperation with comic book stores in our country and the neighbouring ones. Showrooms, fairs, and all comic book gatherings

08. Alliances
Foreign publishers who show understanding for our small market, friends, relatives, five or six home comic book publishers we’re friends with, but, above all, those who believe in our taste

09. Artist stab
Baru, Chabouté, Jason Lutes, Pascal Rabaté. For 2014, we plan a graphic novel from our country, Corporate pandemonium, Penevski/Zolotić.

10. Infrastructure

11. Bread jobs
One steers, refills the tank from time to time, the other mostly rows, adding fuel to the flames sometimes

12. Motivation
To do what we enjoy doing, that’s more than enough