If only we had a place like this before, we would have been ready to rule the universe much sooner. This small place, bigger than all of us, brings us all together and inspires our creative madness. We are here because we have to be, we have no other choice, and we love it. We love gathering together to draw, sing, print and cook. Through the peaceful part of our Zemun neighborhood, seen as a mix of both worlds, urban and rural, through the big streets that apparently have no traffic regulations, through the stew of merchant exchanges, the smells of roasted meat and the Danube dirt, next to the rolling tires without any owners, one only has to take a turn into a shaded alley and cross the red brick road to get into our courtyard and a lofty house with its drawing, painting, and silk-screen printing workshops, the “noise room”, where instruments are made from scratch and played on with reckless abandon, while on the outside birds and cats coexist in perfect tranquility. This is our place, welcoming all guests who would want to come and work with us, or work alone, guests who would like to teach us new things, and those who’d want to learn together, to sleep while levitating, a place of simmering alchemy that turns shit to gold, where we grow vegetables and lost souls, our place of peace and noise-making and friendly madness.