Dunja Janković
Dunja Janković had graduated on the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb and the School of Visual Arts in New York. Her interdisciplinary work includes comics, collages, illustration, music and video. Two of her comics albums, Habitat and Department of Art, published in US by Sparkplug books, have been nominated for the Ignatz awards. Her most recent comics/collage book is Circles Cycles Circuits, published by Firma, in Portugal.
She is the organizer of experimental art project SKVER ( skver-art.com ) on the island of Losinj in Croatia, and a co-organizer of the festival of experimental comics and narrative arts, The Projects in Portland, Oregon ( theprojectspdx.tumblr.com ). She had teached experimental practice in comics at the Independent Publishing Resource Center in Portland, Oregon. She has returned to her home island of Losinj where she runs an atelier/gallery under the name of POLA POLA and a screenprint studio in an abandoned sardine factory.