About Us


Fijuk is a network of small-press publishers, festivals and authors around the Adriatic sea and beyond. We draw lines between the dots on the map and travel down that road. We meet in Fijuk laboratories and make something new. Underground comics. Independent, alternative, unaligned comics. Illustrators, bums, popes, poets, printers, self-made geniuses, art school students, hipsters, bookers, activists, idealists, unemployed, landless, homeless, squatters, vagabonds, thinkers, freelancers, dreamers, editors, freaks, stars, craftsmen, intellectuals, groupies, provocateurs, workaholics. The small-press scene, the patch-work of artists, publishers, festivals, workshops, book shops, fortresses and underwater tunnels is expanding like a galaxy. We find ourselves in the periphery of a vast landscape, where our own, pioneer node hang on to the others to survive. We are all depending on the network, it’s a big ocean of nodes and strings, connections and intersections, high ways and dead end streets. This is the heart of the octopus.